Laser Services


From angiomas to wrinkles, let Toledo Dermatologist, Dr. David Kouba wipe away the years with our vast array of state-of-the-art lasers

Candella V-beam


With this laser, we treat excess blood vessels. Be it the small round bumps that people get during middle age, called "Cherry hemangiomas" or the very annoying flushing and cosmetically disturbing excess blood vessels that come from rosacea. This laser is so safe and gentle, we can even use it to treat strawberry hemangiomas of infancy

Sciton Profractional


With this technology, we can harness the laser's energy to create an array of micro-pores in the skin which then promote new collagen formation as they heal. Downtime is a fraction of that experienced during traditional Erbium:YAG resurfacing and the results are outstanding! Watch fine lines and wrinkles improve dramatically with this revolutionary technology.

Candella Gentle-max pro


Hair removal in all skin types, light or dark. The versatitity in energy settings and laser wavelengths gives us tremendous flexibility in treating different hair densities and textures in different skin types, including darker skin.


Get rid of that unwanted back hair, chin hair, armpit hair, or anywhere else you are tired of shaving! Call to schedule an appointment so we can evaluate your hair and see how we can make you look and feel better about your skin.

Sciton Broad band light (BBL)


Broad, and intense impulses of multi-wavelegnth light make the Sciton BBL platform a winner in our practice.  We have been using this technology in our Toledo office to erase age spots, reduce unsightly blood vessels and reduce unwanted hair.  Downtime is minimal and no pre-treatment prep is required, so run in at lunchtime for a treatment, recover over the weekend and be refreshed and rejuvenated by Monday morning!



This technology utilizes radiofrequency heating of the skin to achieve dramatic results.  The deeper tissues of the neck and face can now be firmed and lifted without surgery!  Treatments take as little as thirty minutes to complete and after a few sessions, you can see and feel your skin tighten and lift.  Tired of that turkey neck? Call to schedule a consultation and see how we can shrink that waddle!