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Dear Dr. Kouba and Staff, 

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a safe and Happy New Year. Whenever I have to have surgery at the Toledo Clinic or even a biopsy out in Wauseon everyone is very helpful, kind, understanding and listens to what I have to say, For that I say, Thank You. Having endless sun-damaged skin is not fun for me because this has been happening for the past twenty-five years. I have been to almost every dermatologist in the Toledo area. Some are better than others and then there is your office and staff that is the best medical staff for me. Your office is run very efficiently and I really appreciate all your efforts. Dr. Kouba called my house after his surgery on my left cheek and I was not at home so I want to let you know that I am doing very well! So, until I see you again I am wishing you the best for the holiday season. 




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Dear Dr. Kouba,

It was quite stressful to find out that I would need surgery, but I couldn't have asked for a more caring and competent doctor. Your medical skill was exceeded only by the personal concern you showed for me before and following the surgery. I am so very grateful to you and thankful that all went well. My best wishes and thanks to you and your staff.

With much appreciation,


Dr. Kouba & Staff, 

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for all of the treatments for my skin cancer. i am so pleased with the results and could not have been treated any nicer. You helped make a rather lengthy treatment process very tollerable. I am so glad I came to your practice and plan to keep my ongoing exams to stay proactive. It was nice to get to know you all!

Thanks again,


Dr Kouba,

Although my experience with surgeons of any kind is limited, I do recognize a caring professional when I meet one. You and your staff were wonderful in every aspect of measure.

Thank you so much!



Dr. Kouba,

Thanks so much for being a skilled, caring and personable surgeon and physician.

Happy holidays,


Dr. Kouba,

Thanks for you and your staff's great cre last week during my Mohs procedure. Your personal phone calls are truly appreciated and say volumes about your care for your patients.

Happy Holidays,


Dear Dr. Kouba,

Thank you for the phone call the night before my Mohs surgery on my forhead... Your personal concern for your patients is greatly appreciated.



Doc & Staff (especially Lisa),

You cannot even imagine how grateful I am for all you've done.

Thank you!


Dr. Kouba,

Thank you so much for the great surgery you did last week on my face. You are a true professional and a very thorough surgeon.

Have a great day and go"Bucks"



Thank you for the Sculptra treatments. My skin looks great!



Dear Dr. Kouba,

You did a great job at removiing the skin cancer from my nose.  Tahnks again for agreat work and kindness!


Dear Dr. Kouba,

It is so kind of you to call and check up on your patients. [My husband's] most recent [surgery is] healing nicely.  Thank you for all your kindness.

Most gratefully,


To all the staff,

I want to sincerely THANK YOU for being there fore me emotionaly and as the intelligent staff you are. I felt safe with you all.  I have been an RN for 20 years... and your kindness and professionalism was a breath of fresh air!!!!

Thank you all SO MUCH.


Dr. Kouba,

Thank you for the surgery that you did on my ear and face. It had great results.



Dear Dr. Kouba and Lisa,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the V.I.P. treatment last week! Dr's appointments arent usually so nice :)

Thanks for taking such good care of me. Have a wonderful New Year.



Dr. Kouba,

You really made a [potentially] awful day a positive experience. Thank you for your expert care and sense of humor. I am your newest fan. I am glad my face was in your capable hands! I think you and your family would be excellent Parrotheads!


Dr. Kouba,

Just a short "thank you" letting you know how much I appreciate the TLC that you and your staff have given me during my visits.  Feeling great.

A grateful patient,


Dr. Kouba,

Thank you for the great job you did on me, and being the person you are!

If only half the people were as thoughtful as you are, we would be living in a different world.

I have a saying "speed of the Captain, speed of the crew." You're a great captain and have a great crew.  Lisa is wonderful and the others were nice also.  Keep up the positive attitude!



Dr. Kouba,

Thank you for care that was given to me by you and your team during my recent visits/surgeries. I am so grateful that I was referred to you and your office, not only because of your medical knowledge but also because of the confidence and passion that shines through you!



Dr. Kouba,

How can I say Thank you for all you have done. Its kind of impossible really. I am truly thankful. In my 20+ years of nursing I have seen many doctors start out with kindness and compassion , only to lose it during their grueling residency. You are one in a million. Your intellignece made me feel safe. I knew I could trust your judegement. The phone calls before and after surgery to make sure your patient was okay. Wow! You have a compassionate heart and a grea work ethic! Your wife must be a great girl to understand what you do is so important. Once again, thank you!


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