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Featured Employee

Raquel Bork

Raquel was born and raised in Toledo Ohio.  She is a graduate of Central Catholic High School and obtained her Licensed Practical Nursing credentials from the Professional Skills Institute. She has been an employee with The Toledo Clinic for 5 years and has worked for Dr. David Kouba since August of 2015.

 She currently lives in Toledo with her husband of 9 years, David, and their 11 month old baby boy, David.  She met her husband on her first day of High School and they have been sweethearts ever since:)

Raquel’s personal mantra is

“If you cannot change it, don’t worry about it”

Her favorite place to eat would be any Mexican restaurant.

If Raquel could spend the day with any one person it would be her Mother Annette who passed away when Raquel was 22 years old.

She is affectionately known at work as Wacky Racky:)

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