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Are Your Teens Tanning?

Many dermatologists cringe at the sight of tanning beds. The efforts of dermatologists to change the current culture surrounding indoor tanning are paying off. A recent survey (the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey) administered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, exhibited a decrease in teenagers who said they used an indoor tanning device within the last two years. The survey included responses from over 13,000 students in grades 9-12. Furthermore, 12th graders were more than twice as likely to tan than 9th graders, showing an increase with age.

Though an increasing number of teenagers follow the warnings of the dangers of indoor tanning, sunscreen use has barely changed in years! As of 2013, only 10% of the students reported using sunscreen!

If you or your child plan on going outside for more than an hour on a sunny day, do your skin a favor and put on some sunscreen!

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