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Two Vitamins A Day May Keep The Dermatologist Away

Research on skin cancer has been found in the news! In fact, NBC News recently reported an article based on the work of Australian researchers. The researchers have found interesting results on vitamin pills and skin cancer. Specifically, they were interested in a nicotinaminde, a form of vitamin B3. Nicotinamide is considered safe to take and is sold in grocery and health food stores at a reasonable price.

The researchers examined 386 individuals who have already been diagnosed with skin cancer: either basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma. Though not as serious as melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma can spread and kill if left untreated. The researchers found that the individuals who took the vitamin B3 pills twice a day for one year were 23% less likely to have another cancer diagnosed.

Of course, this does not mean taking two vitamin B3 pills a day will make you immune to the rays of the sun, as you should still apply sunscreen and take other precautionary measures. Still, this is promising that a vitamin pill cut the risk of the two most common forms of skin cancer by nearly a quarter!

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