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Listen to the Music

Have you ever walked into an operating room and hear your favorite song playing? There just might be a reason for that. In fact, a survey found that 90% of surgeons listen to music during operations, and plastic surgeons play the most music.

Recent research has shown that listening to music can actually reduce the duration it takes to perform a surgical closure. Fifteen residents took part in the study by performing layered closures on pigs’ feet with and without their preferred music playing. Twelve, seven upper level and five lower level residents, of the fifteen residents completed both sessions with and without music. Upon surgical completion, faculty completed repair ratings. The researchers found an 8% overall reduction of operating time among all residents. On average, it took residents participating in the study 11.5 minutes to complete the repairs without music compared to 10.6 with music. Interestingly, the operating time was reduced by 10% among upper-level residents. In addition to the improved efficiency, the music also slightly improved the quality of the repair. Another study found that surgeon selected music acted as a stress reliever during operation.

Next time you are in the operating room, sit back, listen to the music, and know you are in excellent hands.

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